Mobile Device Application installation


Vehicle Tracking is a 24/7 concern.
We cannot afford not to have access to fleet or individual vehicles monitored.

With busy schedules.

The vehicle owners or fleet managers often find themselves away from their computers for long periods of time. This is why Scorpion is now offering 'ScorpionTrack Fleet ' our own mobile vehicle tracking app, FREE of charge to our customers.
Having 'ScorpionTrack Fleet' mobile app will help free up your valuable time, no longer will you need to be stuck behind the desk waiting to find out if a late driver finally made it to their destination or where your new driver ended after taking the wrong turn.

ScorpionTrack Fleet mobile app is being designed to provide users with real time information about your vehicles. You can view your entire fleet at one time or check up on individual fleet vehicles from your Android phone.(launching soon iOS app) Monitor the safety of your vehicle or fleet and drivers from anywhere and have the ability to act pro-actively with 'ScorpionTrack Fleet' app.

To get download link on your mobile

Enter your phone number

From your web browser

1. Go to Google Play Store ScorpionTrack Fleet app.

Go to Google Play

(click on this button or search "ScorpionTrack Fleet")

2. If you aren't signed in then SIGN IN.
Select device on which you want to install ScorpionTrack Fleet app.

3. Press Install at the bottom right.

4. After the app is installed on your device, search for it under apps.

Choose Country

Login screen

Home Screen

Option window

Vehicle Details

Journey Report