ScorpionTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking

Why Choose ScorpionTrack?

  • From Scorpion Automotive, a Trusted Brand established in Vehicle Security since 1973
  • UK's Award Winning vehicle tracking device, including Security Product of the Year 2012-13
  • British Designed and Best British Product
  • Scorpion Automotive UK supplies to other leading vehicle manufacturers inc. Aston Martin, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Subaru, DAF, Triumph
  • Waterproof tracking System for 2 wheelers

ScorpionTrack Features

  • Free Vehicle Battery & Tracker tamper alarm included
  • Free low vehicle battery txt alert
  • When Vehicle is in sleeping mode, the battery life is 120days, that is recharged upon starting of vehicle
  • Free live location pinging on demand via website and smart phone friendly website
  • Online paperless registration
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • SMS Alerts

Why You Need ScorpionTrack

  • Watch the bike theft, how bike easy to steal a bike.(Watch on Youtube)
  • Large volume of stolen cars and 2W never recovered
  • Organised car/2W theft organisations common in the India
  • Violent car theft on the rise in the India
  • Car/2W theft practises changed to overcome latest technology vehicle security
  • Your car/2W is ten times safer from theft if fitted with a security device*
  • *Figures taken from Times of India